Let me be your Queen

Ev`rywhere you want I always go
The wind breathes rain into my face
The sun glows down at the end of the way
No idea of my destination
With my suitcase in my hand
And I feel like your Queen

Just to win you
I would sing for you
A lovesong so divine
Until I break down and cry out
But I would die to survive
Let me be your Queen....

Why do you hide your obsession from me
You got my heart you got my soul
Let´s do some living after we die
You don`t need to shed any tears
You hear the beating of my heart
`cause you know I´m your Queen

Just to win you...

You cross the sea of night
my face is deadly pale
You`re talking to me
You`re talking to me
I hear you wail

Ev´ry where you want I always go...

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