On the run

I want to be the woman
Who walks the hill inside your mind
But you are only crying
And for our love, you won´t fight

I asked you to love me
Want to tie your feet
Let you wait, to make you scream
But you run away

You´re on the run
It gets me down
You start to run away around
I put on my high heeled shoes
And a dress so tight for you
Dance, dance, dance until I sweat
Dance, dance, dance I loose control
But I get drowned in my time

I dreamt that I was searching for you
Walking and flying
And all the trees were lonely
The feathers floated by

And I could not find you
You vanished in the blue
Time waits for no one
And it won´t wait for you

You´re on the run...

Right now

Somebody´s watching me
All right
Who´s listening to me

You´re on the run...

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